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CIS 115

Lecture 18: Big Data
Dr. William Hsu

Data Sources

Image Source: Data Science Central

Integrating Data - Wrappers

Image Source: Wikipedia

Integrating Data -
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Image Source: Wikipedia


Image Source: Techspot

Image Source: Rose Business Technologies

Big Data Uses

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Image Source: Hendra Setiawan

Image Source: Hendra Setiawan

Image Source: Hendra Setiawan

MapReduce DNA

MapReduce DNA



Blog 8: Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

In today's world, it seems like artificial intelligence is everywhere. From the games we play, to the websites we use, to the systems governing our traffic and energy supply, artificial intelligence is everywhere. For this blog post, choose one example of artificial intelligence you interact with on a regular basis, and tell us about it. Some things you can include in your article: