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Welcome to

CIS 115

Instructor: Russell Feldhausen

Email is definitely the best method!

Instructor: Nathan Bean

Small Army of Teaching Assistants:

Icebreaker Activity

  1. Get into groups of 3 - 5
  2. Find at least 5 non-obvious things you all have in common
  3. Come up with 2-3 questions to ask the instructors about themselves (AMAA)
  4. Write it down, nominate a speaker

Syllabus: Read these topics later

Quick Overview

Course Structure


All group work will include a peer evaluation component which can adjust that portion of the individual’s grade up to 50%. If a student should fail to contribute to a group assignment at all, their grade for that assignment will be reduced to a zero. Failure to complete the peer evaluation will result in a 10% grade deduction for that assignment.

Letter Grades:

Grading Philosophy: do your work completely, turn it in on time, and you should have no issues getting a 'B'.

Grades vs. Zeroes

Late work: 10% of the possible points will be deducted for each day it is late.
Make arrangements with the instructor if extenuating circumstances arise.

(We really are nice people and will help you out if needed!)

Attendance: 28% of your grade is based on attendance and participation (1% each lecture). You have
2 unexcused absences.
In most cases, excused absences will only be given for:
University Activities (w/ prior notice)
Major Life Events (w/ notice from Office of Student Life).

Course Textbooks:

Subject to Change
CIS 115 is a very flexible class
Things may change quickly

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